01 Feburary 2019


I ask for everyone to vote on the recently held painting competition if you would.  We had 15 entries, complete with prizes to be won. So come vote on your favorite! The link is provided below:

Painting Contest Entries

It's still a massive work in progress, but it's here.  Expect a lot of changes as I work on this over the next week but I'll sort of lay out my expectations for what I'd like to accomplish with it.  If you ever have any input as to what you'd like to see, please let me know!  I'll break down the pages and their purpose below:

11 October 2018


  1. PORTFOLIO - Showcase the best of my work across all mediums.

  2. ​​MINIATURES - Provide a way for everyone to view my Patreon works without being a backer.

  3. STORE - This will give me a way to offer merchandise/products as I start to produce.

  4. SERVICES - Detail the services I will be able to offer, to include commissions.

  5. CONTACT - An easy way to ask a question or get a hold of me.

  6. ABOUT - Provide a mission statement for what I've done and where I am headed for those unfamiliar.